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Bulk Formulated Oils​

About CanX CBD.

CanX CBD Processing Corp is a global leader in cannabis extraction, biomass cultivation, and wholesale manufacturing of private label CBD products. We use superior growing methods, market-leading cannabinoid extraction methods, and uphold operational excellence in a pharmaceutical-grade environment. At CanX, we invested in a team with more than 35 years of combined experience in the entire seed-to-sale process to ensure transparency, longevity, and innovation in the CBD industry. From cultivating and harvesting biomass to our state-of-the-art ethanol extraction methodology, our expert team guarantees a consistent, compliant, and premium CBD private label product.

CanX goes the extra step to provide access to quality resources and educational materials that offer top value for your CBD marketing purposes. Because the global CBD market is mostly unregulated, users can fall victim to false or misleading information, with dangerous health consequences. We understand that customers prefer a simplified yet detailed approach to CBD and its potential markets. Therefore, we remain committed to providing up to date information on the CBD industry, while consolidating our reputation as the most reliable CBD supplier around you.

Our Timeline.

Our Team.

Philipp Fuhrmann

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Iulian Bogatu

General Manager (GM)

Constantin Olarasu

Technical Director (TD)

Corin Teodoriu

Production Manager (PM)

Mihnea-Leonard Loghin

Business Development Manager (BDM)

Maria Coserariu

Accounting Executive (AE)

Mark Wingate

Business Development Manager (BDM)

Anda Blaga

Business Development Manager (BDM)

Mathew Chadwick

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Canx Products.

By streamlining the seed-to-sale process, CanX offers pioneering B2B companies a premium CBD private label product they can trust to build their business.

Raw Materials

Bulk Formulated Oils

White Label Products

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Vancouver, BC V6C 2B5

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