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Over the past couple of years, the CBD industry has hit the ground running with ever-increasing demand from enthusiastic consumers. Legislation has, for the most part, relaxed and reformed to accommodate CBD users’ medicinal and recreational needs. It is a welcome development that has further spurred the growth of the burgeoning CBD industry and with it, driving CBD product innovations.

Currently, expert projections already put the industry’s future market value at over $23 billion in five short years. Such an astounding amount of market growth will emerge in the form of CBD product innovations designed to suit the specific needs of consumers. Many producers have risen to the challenge by creating CBD products. These appeal to the consumer market in exciting and unique ways.

CBD Innovations According to Product Category

The number of CBD product innovations on the market has multiplied exponentially over the past decade. As with any new industry, the global CBD market is experiencing an era marked by insightful product innovations. These can capture large parts of the consumer pool. As new technologies become available, CBD producers will remain creatively competitive. They will innovate inspired products that cater to each customer’s unique circumstances. 

To make this list more comfortable to read through, we’ve grouped each product according to the existing types of CBD products.


  • Humulus CBD

Basic biology tells us that the cannabis plant belongs to the Cannabaceae family of flowering plants. Among this family of about 170 plant species, Humulus lupulus (hops) is a plant used in the brewing industry, and it shares a few characteristics with cannabis. It can contain a considerable amount of CBD for extraction purposes. 

Although cannabis remains prohibited in many countries around the world, CBD oil extract from Humulus may not fall under the same level of persecution. With this in mind, it gives producers a chance to break into markets with strict cannabis prohibitions and offer consumers a variety of Humulus-derived CBD products.

  • Nano Emulsion

Among the most standout advancements in the CBD industry with far-ranging applications is Nanoemulsion Technology. It’s an advanced processing technology that allows CBD manufacturers to develop oil extracts in nano-sized particles. The body can easily absorb the nano molecules and prevent CBD loos due to digestion.

Emulsified CBD extracts are also water-soluble, making them ideal for mixing with a variety of liquid foods.

  • Micelle Technology

Another step forward in CBD extract production is the adoption of Micelle Technology. Micellization is the science of making oil-based products or lipids more bio-absorbable to the body, without altering the source material’s molecular structure. It is efficient for processing CBD and making it more easily absorbed into the bloodstream, and reducing loss to digestive processes.  

Several companies have begun measures to adopt this technology in the production of choice CBD products like capsules and softgels.


  • Extended-Release Tabs

A sticking point in administering CBD has always been the issue of precision dosing. Most oil extracts undergo low-quality tests, allowing fraudulent producers to get away with providing substandard CBD products.

Scientists in medicinal CBD have dedicated resources towards producing CBD capsules and tablets with extended-release properties. These innovative capsule products will continuously release a predetermined quantity of cannabinoids over an extended period. Since the body has ample time to absorb the compounds, the risk of side effects is minimal, and users can enjoy longer-lasting benefits of CBD.


  • CBD Gum/Breath Mints

Suffering from bad breath and in need of refreshing breath mints with a medicinal twist? Meet CBD infused chewing gum and breath mints. Each product contains a precise amount of CBD sourced from isolates or refined extracts. Individual producers can influence the bio-availability of their products to promote faster absorption rates.

  • CBD Coffee

Coffee infused with hemp oil extracts is a favourite among a select group of consumers. With the advent of soluble extracts, producers have succeeded in merging the daily coffee needs of regular people with the health benefits of high-quality CBD. And since coffee is a staple to most people, this inspired product is bound to generate a lot of revenue and drive consumer demand.

  • CBD Beer

CBD beer takes advantage of emulsion technology in creating this fan favourite. The beer industry is among the largest in the world, and it makes sense to pair this with restorative CBD extracts. The result is CBD infused beer with the distinct aroma and taste of industrial hemp and potent terpenes.

  • CBD Protein Powder

CBD meets sport and fitness nutrition, with organic protein powder infused with CBD extracts. This is is a food supplement designed to appeal to health and fitness enthusiasts looking for a wholesome experience. It offers the nutritional benefits of a protein meal and the anti-inflammatory effects of premium CBD compounds. Such products are readily marketable to a niche customer base with the predisposition to health-boosting protein powder products.

  • CBD Toothpick

Whoever said toothpicks are only good for getting the extra gunk out of your teeth?! This innovative product pairs active cannabinoids with freshly harvested wood to make toothpicks with a medicinal twist. When chewed, each toothpick releases its cannabinoid content for absorption into the bloodstream. It is quite an attractive solution for patients battling with tooth/gum pain problems.

  • CBD Chews

Another CBD product designed to provide oral relief is the CBD Chew. Just like regular tobacco chews, place them between cheek and gum, allowing saliva to coat the product and release the fast-acting CBD infused within. The potent CBD content reportedly helps to stave off nicotine cravings, making ideal for those looking to cut down on nicotine consumption.


  • Lip Balm

As the name implies, CBD lip balm is a topical product applied to the lips. A combination of premium CBD extracts, herbal oils, and plant oils results in a nourishing CBD topical that protects your lips from unwanted damage.

  • CBD Sunscreen

What’s better than UV-shielding sunscreen? UV sunscreen infused with loads of nourishing CBD extracts and essential oils. This innovative product is quickly becoming a staple for summers lovers who want a little tan without running the risk of sunburn. The infused cannabinoid extracts also help to repair damaged skin and soothe mild skin discomforts.

  • Deodorant

You don’t have to sacrifice smelling great for taking care of your skin’s health; CBD deodorants let you do both. This innovative product combines ingredients that make up conventional deodorants with essential oils and cannabinoids in CBD extracts. CBD deodorants are reportedly good for regulating sweating and handling skin irritation in sensitive users.

  • CBD Face mask

In the vast world of beauty products, CBD face masks stand out among the rest. While traditional masks offer mild skin refreshing properties, CBD face masks take the cake with a plethora of benefits that leave your skin feeling rejuvenated. Active ingredients like phytocannabinoid-rich extracts and essential hemp oils help to prevent against skin ageing from stress and pollutants in the environment.

  • CBD Makeup

CBD beauty products are quickly becoming the rage among consumers worldwide, with increasing demand matched by innovative product solutions. Cosmetic companies now provide customers with CBD infused makeup that beautifies and cares for your skin. Foundations, blushes, and eye shadows that can cause skin reactions are rendered safer with skin rejuvenating CBD in the mix.

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