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CanX CBD ensures your data is protected with us and respects your privacy. It follows all the GDPR rules of the UK and is committed to respecting everyone privacy. This confidentiality page will inform you how we ensure your data is kept safe with us and how we use it to make business transactions smooth with you. It will also inform you of your privacy rights and how you are always covered under the laws of the UK with our company.

CanX CBD is responsible for your data, and you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office at any time if you find we are violating any laws. However, we would appreciate it if you came to us first and explained your concern briefly so we can help resolve it before going to the ICO.

Third-party products or services are not advertised on our website. However, there are links, plug-ins, and applications through which these third parties can access your personal information. Clicking on those links or enabling them will provide access. As we are not accountable for these third parties, we are not responsible for the data they have collected through our website. After leaving our website, we recommend reading the terms and conditions of every website you visit.

We group different kinds of personal data of yours, which includes identity data, contact data, financial data, and others. We do not gather any special category of personal data, such as the customer’s race, sex, or color.

If you provide any special category data on our website, you take full responsibility for it and are happy for us to use it in our database. However, providing special category data should be avoided as it is sensitive information our company does not require for any analysis.

We do not collect any criminal offenses of the customer.

Suppose, for any reason. For example, you cannot provide us with your data, such as your address or name. In that case, we cannot make any contract with you as the delivery and other mandatory processes will be hindered without your identification.

We collect your data through different mediums. The most primary is the direct data collection in which you provide your data yourself to make a purchase, either by creating an account or by subscribing to our website.

Second, we also collect data while you are interacting with our website through your patterns of browsing or general cookies.

We also collect your data via third parties, such as technical or identifying data.

Under the GDPR rules of the UK, we are permitted to use your personal data only if the law allows it. We use your personal data while making a contract with you, for your interest or marketing purposes (with permission), and others.

We cannot use your personal data for any other purpose than the ones mentioned above. However, suppose we are using any of your personal data for any other purpose compatible with the original purpose. In that case, you have full right to demand an explanation of why your data is being used.

If we are using any of your data for an unrelated purpose, we will ensure to notify you and explain the lawful reason for using it.

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