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GDPR Policy

Under the UK GDPR policies, we can lawfully use your data. Other than the below, if we find that your data is to be used for any other purpose that is compatible with the original purpose, we have the right to use your data. We can always provide details for the lawful use of your data if you require it.

Below are the purposes when we use your data:

  1. We use identity and contact data to register our new customers.
  2. For smooth delivery and payment, we use your financial and transactional data.
  3. We use your other marketing and communications data to respond to your email and other queries.
  4. To enroll you in any lucky draws or game wins.
  5. Survey forms are also made using your data and past purchase history analysis.
  6. For the safety and administration of our business and the website.
  7. Your data provides relevant advertisements and promotions per your needs.
  8. To improve our website in terms of products, advertisements, and services we provide, this way you receive a perfect version of ourselves.
  9. To make relevant recommendations for goods that might interest you as per your taste.

You will be given a choice to receive marketing notifications from us. However, you can always stop the notifications by unchecking the relevant boxes.

We do not sell your personal data to any third party. However, services like the delivery and payment facilitators will have access to your data for the smooth running of the contract.

Any third party using your personal data will ensure it is used for the same purpose that is compatible with us. Third parties with us are not allowed to use your personal data for their own use, either personal or commercial.

We ensure that whenever your data is transferred outside the European Economic Area, it is under all binding lawful contracts. No contractor or facilitator, our third party, can avail of the transferred data without entering into an agreement with us.

Your visit to our website is made safe and secure by doing regular checks and looking for any loopholes in the website to keep the scammers away.

All financial information entered into our website to make payments are secured by a special technology called the Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Any data breach, as per our procedures, will also be notified if suspected.

We keep our customers data for as long as 3 years. However, if any legal proceedings or queries are still undergoing by your account, we may keep your data for longer as per the requirement.

You have several rights when it comes to your personal data, such as the right to access and erasure of your data that you seem is not important to be saved, the right to correct your data, and providing legal access to your data to any third party.

You are not charged any fees for using any rights of your data. However, excessive and repetitive alteration in data might lead to being charged.

We try to respond to all queries within 30 days. However, if you have registered multiple queries, we might take some time; however, we will keep you notified.

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