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Cannabidiol (CBD) has several health benefits but many struggle with an important question of how much CBD should I take. We can sometimes get so carried away by the health benefits of CBD that we overlook the limits. Let’s help you find out how to use CBD responsibly while following or finding the right dosage.

Scientific Studies on CBD Dosage & Consumption

From several scientific research and studies on the consumption of CBD in the last years, none has clearly shown a universal dosage. These studies summarized that CBD is a relatively safe treatment provided that the patient or user consumes it responsibly. 

Based on multiple research publications, the dosage and response on CBD varied across different animals as well as in humans. It is predominantly safe for the average human to consume between 50 and 1,400 milligrams (mg) of CBD per day. 

Finding the Right Amount of CBD for you

We need to consider a range of factors when deciding the right amount of CBD to be taken. A person’s body weight, body chemistry, the concentration of the CBD product, as well as the condition they are treating affects the amount of CBD to be taken.

CBD drops, capsules, gummies, and other products have varying concentrations of CBD in them. Always watch out for the concentration level of the pills, drops, or capsules before ingesting them randomly. Putting these variables into consideration, a person should consult with an expert on the right amount of CBD dosage to ingest. 

Combining alcohol or antidepressants when using CBD would certainly increase the sedation effect. Central nervous system depressants come with a high level of sedative effect somewhat similar to CBD. People currently on medications that cause drowsiness should completely avoid CBD usage. 

CBD Dosage Calculation

Many authorized CBD products like capsules, pills, and gummies come with prescriptions per serving. The servings imprinted on the product informs every user of the appropriate amount of CBD to take per serving. For example, most packaging indicates the amount of CBD in milligram per capsule; say 50mg for every CBD capsule.

CBD oil products come in dropper bottles with specifications on the amount of CBD in a drop or the entire bottle. Ideally, every CBD oil drop contains about 0.05 milliliters (ml) of CBD which is a single drop of the dropper; not a full dropper.

According to the FSA recommendation, individuals should not consume more than 70mg per kg of bodyweight of CBD daily. As a precaution, this daily limit helps to adverse the health effects associated with consuming high amounts of CBD daily. In dosage calculation, 70mg daily equals 28 drops of 4.85% of any CBD oil product.

CBD Dosage According to Medical Condition

Here is a list of CBD dosages for most medical conditions;

  • Anxiety: 300–600 mg
  • Bowel disease: 5 mg twice daily
  • Pain due to cancer: 50–600 mg per day
  • Type 2 diabetes: 100 mg twice daily
  • Huntington’s disease: Up to 30mg daily
  • Parkinson’s disease: 75–300 mg per day

Is it Possible to take too much CBD?

How much CBD you decide to take is dependent on your level of tolerance for the immediate effect. Some people with high tolerance consume as much  as 1,500mg daily. However, various research has shown prolonged liver damage linked to people that consume a high dosage of CBD daily.

There is no “universal threshold” on how much CBD anyone can take. A person’s previous experience with the drug helps to determine their tolerance level. Something almost like alcohol and weed consumption. 

How Much CBD Should I Take? Final Thoughts 

how much CBD should I take

Yes, it is theoretically possible to overdose on CBD. Every natural or chemically produced drug has a recommended dosage that a user must follow to avoid taking an overdose. Consult a doctor or specialist to determine the right amount of CBD to ingest.

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