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Ever since CBD entered the scene, it has steadily taken centre-stage and become the rage among millions of consumers worldwide. Expert predictions already put the CBD industry’s future market growth at over $23 billion by 2025. And, with many countries adopting more lenient legislature for CBD products, the global CBD market is ripe for adventurous investors.

The industry has evolved from only a handful of products, into a behemoth catering to varied consumer interests. Now, users can choose from an abundant variety of CBD product options that match a consumer’s health needs and unique style. Advancements in extraction technology and soluble CBD extracts, also contribute to the numbers as producers continue to innovate new products. 

As an entrepreneur breaking into the CBD market, your business hinges on a critical understanding of the CBD consumer landscape. Identifying different types of CBD and the products available in the market, afford a significant leg up against the competition. 

We will explore the types of CBD that extractors and manufacturers provide and the many product forms into which producers infuse with CBD. By the end of this article, you will effortlessly make informed decisions on what product offerings fit your clientele. And, probably even go on to innovate one of the next big things in the CBD market.

The Main Types Of CBD Products

CBD products are, for the most part, made with CBD extracted from the hemp varieties of cannabis plants. Popularly referred to as industrial hemp, these plant species generally have low THC content. Because most countries have strict CBD laws to regulate plant THC levels, industrial hemp (with less than 0.2% THC content) is perfect for extracting legally compliant CBD.

CBD manufacturers use a couple of extraction techniques that help to tease out the essential components from unprocessed hemp biomass. The extraction methods rely on using the appropriate solvents that dissolve the necessary cannabinoids for easy separation and filtration down the line. One process uses supercritical CO2 while others use organic solvents like ethanol (EtOH), recognised as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by health regulators. Winterization is another process that allows manufacturers to refine raw extracts into purified concentrated oils. Some producers are able to obtain the highest quality in hemp extracts with products at 90% CBD purity. 

The following are the primary forms of extracted cannabidiol that CBD processors and manufacturers offer for sale;

CBD Extracts

A CBD extract is a highly concentrated oil-based liquid that contains all the essential compounds extracted from hemp plants. Colours range from a dark brown paste to the colour of amber with a smooth consistency. 

The extract is rich with cannabinoids, terpenoids, and essential fatty acids that are beneficial to the body’s health. Manufacturers often provide two forms of CBD oil extracts that set a balance between two critical considerations. One is offering users a wholesome CBD experience, and ultimately, staying on the legal side of the existing CBD laws and regulations. Extracts can serve as ingredients for other product forms, or a standalone product offering highly concentrated CBD dosing.

  • Broad-spectrum CBD Oil Extracts

Broad Spectrum CBD oil is an oil-based extract. It provides users with all the benefits of CBD and other essential cannabinoids, without THC in the mix. The phrase Broad-spectrum means that manufacturers have entirely filtered out the presence of THC in the extract. Any Broad Spectrum oils contain CBD and cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, CBC and more, but without THC. This is important because certain countries (like the EU member states) adopt CBD regulations that don’t tolerate products with any amount of THC content. 

Some manufacturers employ advanced extraction techniques that allow them to control the concentration of specific cannabinoids in the extract precisely. It is an important feature that will enable investors to market tailor made product options and is among the marks of high-quality CBD suppliers.

  • Full-spectrum CBD Oil Extracts

Full Spectrum CBD oil is much like its counterpart, but with an important caveat. It retains its THC content for a more profound experience with a full deck of cannabinoids at a user’s disposal. Customers claim to enjoy more of the ‘entourage effect’ when they use products made with full-spectrum oil extracts. 

While THC remains banned in most countries, certain legally approved medications like ‘Sativex’ contain a combination of CBD and THC for treating various health issues.


CBD oil extracts serve as the base ingredient in formulating several types of CBD products. Many of the product forms we will discuss rely on the infusion of soluble CBD oil extracts in precise concentrations.

Other users prefer their extracts as a standalone product that offers potent cannabinoid oil concentrates as a form of medicine. Apply the oil sublingually for relatively quick effects that last appreciably.

CBD Isolates

CBD isolates are another type of products. They  offer precise concentrations of CBD with very high levels of purity. Just as the name implies, CBD isolates contain only the one cannabinoid isolated out of the full extract. It comes as small white crystals and concentrations can reach over 99% CBD purity. This makes it the most refined type of CBD available to producers. 

To create CBD isolates, manufacturers subject CBD oil extracts to crystallisation techniques that further isolate CBD from the other compounds. Many consumers find comfort in using isolate products because it is entirely void of THC and all other non-essential cannabinoid substances. There is zero danger of being intoxicated with isolate-infused products, and it prevents against drug testing issues.  


Isolates naturally bind to fatty acids and oils, which make it easy to mix with other products. The CBD isolate crystalline powders are to be used in the following ways;

  • Smoked and dabbed alone.
  • Added to capsules in creating precise and concentrated CBD doses.
  • Mixed with suitable carrier oils to create CBD isolate oil tinctures.
  • Infused with edibles
  • Added to other marijuana products for increased CBD concentrations.

Derived CBD Product Types

All the CBD product forms on the market, are all created using one or more of the primary CBD types we discussed above. By mixing or infusing CBD extracts and isolates with consumer products, producers have succeeded in creating massive demand across all product ranges.

The various product forms have unique methods of application and offer different advantages to suit a user. These are the CBD product types that are currently available on the market;

CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates are potent hemp plant extracts that contain high concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD). Products come in varying types; depending on the mode of extraction that the producer employs on the pure plant extract. Concentrates are equally created from full-spectrum extracts as well as isolate CBD extracts.


The types of CBD concentrate available to consumers are:

  • Shatter: created by infusing isolate slabs with the desired terpenes. 
  • Crumble: created by purging excess oils from pure extracts.This leaves a moist substance with a consistency that crumbles into pieces. 
  • Wax: is also created from concentrated oil extracts with a characteristic wax-like consistency.  
  • Terpsolate: is a simple mixture of potent isolate powders infused with liquid terpenes. 

CBD concentrates use dedicated devices that transform the compound from its near-solid state into vapours of activated cannabinoids. Inhalation has always been among the most bio-available forms of taking in CBD. And you will find that devices such as vaporisers, and other smoking rigs help make taking concentrates easy and hassle-free. 

CBD Tinctures

Oil-based CBD tincture is a combination of suitable carrier oils. It is infused with a preferred type of CBD extract, and optional additives like flavours, sweeteners, and terpenes. 

Often referred to as simply ‘CBD oil’, it can contain any CBD extract from full-spectrum down to isolates. Carrier oils such as MCT oil and hemp oil help the body absorb the potent cannabinoids when it’s applied sublingually. 

Consumers use a dropper for administering precise doses, placed under the tongue and held for a minute or two. The oromucosal membranes ensure that effects onset is quick, starting around 30 minutes and can last up to 6 hours. 

Vape CBD Products

CBD vape products are simple combinations of CBD extracts, flavonoids, and a suitable carrier oil that’s safely vaporised for inhalation. Vape oils or e-liquids will contain potent cannabinoid extracts, measured into devices like a vape pen, or refillable cartridge. It will also include a thinning agent like MCT oil or vegetable glycerine that help to atomise the product faster.


The most popular types of CBD vape products include;

  • Disposable Vape Pens: offer a single-use experience of vaping CBD. It is perfect for those trying to figure out if vaping is for them.
  • Vape-oil Cartridge: are usually refillable and will carry precise quantities of vape-oil which helps with accurate dosing. Cartridges attach to battery-operated vaporisers for easy administration and quick absorption.
  • E-liquid/Vape Juice: although it’s a form of vape oil, e-liquids come as a standalone product for use in professional vaporiser rigs. 

Emulsified CBD/ Water-soluble CBD

CBD oil extracts – much like any oil — are notorious for not mixing well with water. However, technological advancements allow CBD manufacturers to further breakdown CBD molecules in nano-sized particles or emulsions. The emulsified CBD particles are more readily absorbed with effects up to ten times more efficient than regular oil options. Emulsified CBD will also dissolve in water and liquids with ease, earning it the moniker of water-soluble CBD.


Emulsified CBD products are very soluble and come in the following consumer forms, all water-soluble;

  • Hemp Powder
  • Tinctures
  • Capsules

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are cannabinoid enriched extracts produced as either softgels or two-piece capsules. Consumers should ingest them like regular supplements, with them offering consumers a concentrated CBD product coupled with precise dosing.

CBD capsules on the market will contain any combination of the following ingredients;

  • CBD Isolate or CBD Extract: the quality of CBD source used in manufacturing the capsules are crucial to the pedigree of the overall finished product. A high-quality isolate powder will give the purest CBD molecules. However, it may fare less against a full-spectrum oil extract the affords the full ‘entourage effect’.
  • Carrier Oils: CBD and other cannabinoids as a whole, are fat-soluble substances that bind well with carrier oils like coconut and MCT oil. By using suitable carrier oils, the oily extracts are easily absorbed into the body.
  • Optional Additives: some producers will add ingredients such as additional supplements and herbs, to increase the health benefits of the product. 

Many consumers who use CBD for health issues generally prefer taking it as a capsule. CBD capsules are the easiest to dose, are discreet, and have no ‘marijuana taste’ which some users find unpleasant. The effects take some time to kick in but will last very long once it gets going.

CBD Edibles

Edibles are quickly becoming the most sought-after CBD consumer products among the mix. An edible is created by mixing or infusing a variety of natural food products with viable CBD extracts. The potential combinations are near endless as edibles come in the forms of baked goods, chocolate, candies, gummies, and many more.

CBD edibles offer consumers the main benefits of being discreet and easy to use. The onset of effects is slightly longer since edible products require digestion. However, effects will last a long time; more than making up for the slow start. 

CBD Drinks

Cannabidiol and other cannabinoid extracts are naturally hydrophobic in the isolated or oily state. This means that they will not mix with water or water-based substances. However, technological advancements allow manufacturers to emulsify the extracts into a form that’s easily dissolvable in water. 

These products are termed as ‘water-soluble’ and serve as the base ingredient for making CBD drinks. Popular CBD drink products on the market include bottled CBD water, CBD energy drinks, CBD smoothies, powdered drink mixes, and many more. 

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are fast becoming a consumer favourite owing to its ease of use. Topicals take advantage of receptors found in the body’s largest organ – the skin – as a reliable means of absorbing essential cannabinoids. The mode of application also allows users to administer soothing relief directly to localised pain spots.  

CBD topicals come in a wide variety of infused products including ointments, balms, and salves. Each uniquely designed product offers the benefits of CBD in a form that appeals to separate consumer needs. Users suffering from muscle soreness, joint pain, and other skin conditions are quick to opt for topical products with direct application.

CBD Beauty Products

The CBD Beauty products space offers a dizzying array of product options that cater to all consumer needs. Beauty products with infused CBD extracts are gaining popularity among users worldwide as demand continues to increase. 

With the advent of readily soluble CBD extracts and isolates, producers of beauty products are getting increasingly innovative. You can now find CBD beauty products such as CBD creams and lotions, gels, bath bombs, shampoo, beard oils, lip balms, and CBD face masks.

CBD Transdermal Patches

CBD-infused transdermal patches are quite like CBD topicals; they are both applied onto the skin. However, CBD patches offer the user a slow-release function the lasts much longer. CBD transdermal patches are securely attached to the venous areas in the body to facilitate quick and easy absorption. Using suitable additives like permeation carriers and enhancers also help with smooth cannabinoid delivery into the bloodstream.

CBD Pet Products

All animals possess and endocannabinoid pathway, much like their human counterparts. This means that they too can absorb and process cannabinoid particles to help regulate their health and general wellbeing. 

Pet CBD products are not much different from those made for humans and will contain CBD concentrates in carefully regulated doses. Producers have so far, created an impressive array of CBD pet product options which include CBD treats, tinctures, sprays, and capsules. 

CBD Suppositories

CBD suppositories are among the latest additions to innovative CBD consumer products. For the uninitiated, suppositories are bullet-shaped pills designed to be inserted into the anus. They are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Most suppositories are oil-based to help with lubrication and ease the application process.

Opting for suppositories may be a less glamorous method of taking in CBD; however, they offer one of the most bioavailable means of effectively absorbing the compound. Effects kick in around 15 minutes after application and will last up to an astounding 8 hours.  

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