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The number of CBD products available has grown exponentially in the past couple of years as you could see from our last article. 
Here are some other interesting CBD products that you might see around.

Other Interesting CBD Product Innovations

  • CBD Sublingual Strips

Experts agree that sublingual application remains one of the best methods of taking in CBD. It is primarily due to the high permeability of the oral mucosa membranes found underneath the tongue.

CBD sublingual strips offer the same fast-acting effects associated with vaping while being completely discreet. It can allow dosing with a high level of precision that guarantees the desired effects will kick in every time.

  • CBD Lube

Innovation has brought CBD to the shores of the sex industry in the form of CBD infused lubes. These products blend the anti-inflammation properties of broad-spectrum CBD with the soothing effect of lubricants. The level of acceptance and increased demand hint that this is a product worth trying.

  • CBD Transdermal Patches

Transdermal CBD patches work with the body’s largest organ; the skin. CBD producers infuse these patches with potent CBD extracts and permeation enhancers that help push the essential compounds out into the skin. CBD transdermal patches will provide long-lasting effects that can help keep muscle soreness at bay and rehabilitate painful joints.

  • Suppositories

The use of suppositories is not a new concept. However, CBD suppository capsules are among the latest innovative products to hit the market. For the uninitiated, a suppository is a drug inserted into the anal cavity where the sensitive membranes facilitate quick absorption into the bloodstream. Suppository medication takes advantage of increased bio-availability from drugs used in such a manner. And it provides an option for consumers who detest the characteristic taste of hemp.

  • Hemp Toilet Paper

Before CBD extraction became a thing, industrial hemp was famous for its fibre content and used in making a variety of essential consumer products. Now, CBD products producers are merging the health benefits of CBD with the paper gotten from premium hemp fibre. The result is an environmentally friendly toilet paper that’s softer than regular options and soothing on the skin.

  • CBD-infused Workout Gear

The physical health and fitness industry is worth over $80 billion. And innovative CBD producers have begun finding ways to merge CBD with the ever-increasing demands of fitness enthusiasts.

Manufacturers are using micro-encapsulation technology to develop fabrics infused with CBD molecules that are released when subjected to friction from exercise. While the science needs more work, consumer response is encouraging, and we can expect these products to hit the market soon.

  • CBD-infused Bed Sheets

Much like CBD workout gears, CBD-infused bed sheets give the soothing effects of CBD on the skin and help relieve stress while you sleep. Users say it helps combat acute pain conditions and regulate insomnia for those who find it hard to get some sleep. A suitable pet version is also under development to help your furry friends find restful sleep at night.

  • CBD Tampons

CBD tampons are a recent addition to the list of innovative CBD products on the market. They are designed to be used like regular tampons but offer the added advantage of providing pain relief to users. These products can address issues of pelvic discomforts, such as menstrual cramps and other forms of pelvic pain. Because it is applied directly to the pelvic area, the effects are fast-acting and can provide long-lasting relief for women.

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