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CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate


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CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form with potency over >99%. All other compounds are separated in the processing phase and the final product is free of solvents, pesticides and without taste or smell. Our CBD isolate is manufactured in a strictly controlled environment and extracted from high quality biomass sourced from farmers in Europe to make it fully traceable and compliant.

The diagram on the right shows the average composition of our CBD Isolate. A certificate (CoA) is supplied with the order.


Buy CBD Isolate – Made From Hemp Plant

CBD Isolate that’s tested for quality and made affordably can be hard to come by.

Our CBD Isolate is made with the best farming practices in the highest quality facility.

What Is CBD Isolate? What About The Powder And Oil?

Hemp plants contain many different cannabinoids, but currently, one of the most popular ones is CBD ( Cannabidiol ). CBD Isolate is the end product of an extraction process meant to remove all of the other cannabinoids and produce pure CBD Oil without any THC (not even trace amounts).

This isolated form of CBD is known as “CBD Isolate” or “CBD Oil”. However, it can come in more than one form and also exists as a powder known as “CBD Powder”.

CBD in its powder form is created after CBD oil crystallizes and is then ground down into a powder. While a powder is preferred by some consumers, most still prefer to work with the oil over the powder.

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1-10kg, 100+kg, 11-50kg, 51-100kg

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