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Every time a cannabinoid derivative hits the market, people become curious about what it has to offer and it differs from its counterparts. Unlike inquiring for ratings of a new Netflix release, consumers need scientifically-proven facts before purchasing a cannabinoid product. Here are snippets from the most transparent and interesting research backing the benefits of CBG on human health. Enjoy!

CBG Boosts Focus Rate

Like other cannabinoids, CBG users recently reported an increased rate of alertness and unusual focus traced to the consumption of CBG. Several controlled studies among active users continue to show the primary characteristics of CBG as a Neuroprotectant. The cannabinoid is known to protect the mind from fatigue that may lead to a lack of concentration.

Users from these studies attested to the healthy inflammatory function of CBG after usage over a period. Some studies confirm that regulated consumption of CBG can potentially support neurogenesis (Growth of new brain cells). With more formation of new brain cells in the body, the human brain would develop an increased capacity for focus and attention.

Supports Healthy Appetite

Regulated consumption of CBG supports a healthy appetite. Many prefer munching on CBG edibles in between meals to help them groom an appetite for the next meal.  Like most cannabinoids including THC, this appetite-stimulating trait is a major reason why busy people take CBG edibles. It helps them avoid skipping meals and possible malnutrition habits over time.

Inducing appetite also prevents a person from overindulging in junk food. Increased and regulated appetite helps people to crave healthy food in the required quantity (sometimes more than usual). People who battle with a lack of appetite for various reasons can easily rely on CBG for a healthy appetite. One of the recent controlled CBG studies on rodents showed a high increase in the urge for food in well-satiated rats.

Promoting Normal Stress Response

Hemp-derived CBG oil seems to be one of the best cannabinoid resorts for managing emotional well-being. Several studies have shown a slight spike in preference for CBG oil as support to normal stress response compared to its CBD alternative. CBG has proven to be an effective inhibiting element in the breakdown of the neurotransmitter, GABA.

Maintaining the GABA levels provide great relaxation effects which could help regulate stress response in humans. As a potent 5-HT1A Serotonin Receptor against an antagonist, the CBG compound is a great stress management inhibitor. Controlled consumption of CBG could help spike the serotonin uptake of a person causing a higher concentration of the body’s neurotransmitter. 

Providing Support to Eye Health

The eye tissues have a significant amount of cannabinoid receptors which make them one of the parts of the body that attracts cannabinoid products. Scientifically, the endocannabinoid system controls a major part of the overall eye health. Providing the eye with enough cannabinoid from CBG products help to enhance the endocannabinoid system.

People that have used a controlled amount of CBG over time have experienced normal levels of eye pressure. Experiencing high eye pressure levels (ocular hypertension) may deteriorate the blood flow in the optic nerve area. We’ve had research that proves CBG amongst other cannabinoids is chemically capable of regulating a healthy level of intraocular eye pressure.

CBG Potentially Supports Normal Inflammatory Response

CBG’s cannabinoid counterpart; CB is widely popular for providing the body with a healthy immune response. On the other hand, CBG supports the overall immune system with effects on specific inflammatory channels. This contribution to the body enables CBG users to have an enhanced inflammatory response compared to the average man.

According to recent studies, we now know that CBG can potentially limit the actions of key inflammatory markers in the body. The majority of which include IL-1, IL-10, iNOS, and interferon-γ. These studies were carefully carried out over a wide range of active CBG users before the conclusion of its support for a normal inflammatory response.

Prospects for Healthy Metabolic Process

A CBG publication from 2019 reveals the cannabinoid potential of the effect of fat storage on the human body. The claims from the study seemed far-fetched at first but further investigation into the reports shunned the criticism against its healthy metabolic prospects. We saw clearly that CBG helped to support Adipocyte tissues which are closely related to the formation of obesity.

To generate enough data backing the claims of the study, researchers tilted to the computer simulation method. This process contributed to the provision of positive findings that helped revealed for beneficial factors of CBG on fat metabolism in humans.

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