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Return Policy

The condition to return goods is to return them within 30 days of receiving them.

If the goods are opened, and there are no seals, they cannot be returned as there are chances of the material being used or denatured.

An email would suffice to cancel an order or to return the goods.

If you find the goods to be incorrect or different from what you ordered and was on our website, you must notify us within 7 days after receiving the goods.

We cannot provide any refund for the order until we receive the rejected product. Thus, ensure you are using a reliable source of courier for us to action your refund process smoothly.

Always mention your full name and order number so we can locate your order and action back the refund.

Please keep in view the best before dates for the product life. However, we provide a 3-month shelf-life guarantee for all our products from the time of dispatch.

You cannot claim any refunds saying discount codes did not work for in-sale items as discount codes are not applicable for products on sale.

The customers are solely responsible for applying the discount codes, and the company does not apply any discount codes alone.

You cannot claim a refund due to the rules and regulations of your own country being violated. If you have ordered our product, please keep in view that the products on this website are legal in the United Kingdom only, and we cannot take responsibility for your own country and its laws. By ordering a product from our company, you take full responsibility for the product and its legality in your own country.

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